Saturday, February 23, 2008

Is (s)He Really Going Out With Him?

I was telling my email group about the 'first date' I had two nights ago.

No - I'm not dating behind my bf's back, but the dinner and drinks I had with a co-worker felt more like a first date than it did of catching a meal and tossing back a few.

Come Monday I'll be at my job for a year. It seems like a week. It seems like a decade.

Anyway, Scott has been there for less time than I have and though we had bonded, we never really did anything outside of work. But I really haven't with anyone from there. .....did I mention he was straight?

So we went on a man date.

Chow and booze. Albeit good chow and booze. I'm happy to settle for bar food...or just a bar. But I ended up with a spinach salad (great!) and ravioli stuffed with dungeness crab (it sounded better than it was).

Naturally, I tried to annoy the waiter when he asked if we wanted to start with a drink. Scott, being a gentleman, motions for me to go first: "I'll have a Squash Strawberry Alleycat", I replied. Neither of them knew what to do with that!

I pretty much stuck with beer and wine, but Scott likes his bourbon.

We tried not to talk about work, but you know how well that usually goes - though it was kept to a minimum. But that Makers Mark just let Scott babble on and on and on. ...but in a good way. Some stuff I wouldn't reveal here, some I could.

One of the more interesting is his telling me of his 18 year old son, who is gay, and came out to him about three years ago. At 15! ...can you imagine? Not to sound too much like my parents, but it really is a different world. I mean - I knew at 15, but I wasn't telling my father! Or even contemplating it. No, I was figuring how the hell to get out of Dodge and live my life.

And here I am umpteen decades later.........back in Dodge.

I can see Denton and I doing stuff with Scott and his wife. He has got a great sense of humor and I'm assuming she must at least tolerate him as Denton does me. We'll see.

....and for the record.....I don't need a flashy red convertible.......if you know what I mean!!!

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RJ March said...

We know! We know!

I like the idea of a man date. It sounds like the premise to one of my stories. A man date with benefits.

I knew at an early age as well and kept my shameful secret to myself, until Mother asked me. If I could title this comment it would be "Hairdresser On Fire."

Anonymous said...

It is indeed "a different world" these days; kids coming out much earlier than a few short years ago.

Did you read about that 15-yr-old kid who was shot dead in a computer lab at his school recently?

He had just "come out", very open about it, and another kid shot him because he was gay.

So kids may be coming out earlier, but the society around them hasn't become enlightened to match.

rebecca said...

I can't believe they didn't keep him alive to taunt him!

Entertainment Weekly did a piece on how reality shows actually are helping the cause by featuring likable (and, let's admit it, CAMERA READY!) gays & lesbians. They mentioned a gay guy and straight guy on this season's Make Me A Super Model who apparently are BFFs, calling it a budding "bromance."

I watched, but I couldn't figure out which one was supposed to be straight. Certainly not the one going around calling the others "fags" and "raging homos".

rebecca said...

PS You may be back in Dodge, dear, but at least you're not IN a Dodge.