Monday, February 18, 2008

Bigmouth Strikes Again

I don't think I mentioned that around the xmas holidays we had taken Tovah to the vet. ....and by 'we', of course, I mean Denton.

After we lost Kylie about 18 months ago, I couldn't bear the possibility of hearing bad news, as Tovah is now the age Kylie was when she got ill - so I didn't go.

Since they are not outdoor cats, we have been really bad about going to the vet regularly. With Sophie - that has all changed. She's gone more times than Tovah and Kylie combined.

There was good news and bad. Overall, Tov's health was good - except some dental stuff. The poor girl had six infected teeth that needed to come out. Ouchy.

Cats are very stoic - so we didn't know that she was in probably in pain. A few weeks later, Denton took her back in for the tooth extraction and she came through that just fine....though she is never too happy with us when she goes in the carrier or in a car. Oh - and they also took photos of her mouth during surgery. I couldn't even look at them - though for about a nano-second I thought of scanning and posting them. You can thank me later for not doing that.

Apparently cats use their teeth to kill things more than they do to eat kibble. So she bounced back quickly - though she got a few days of pain killer and a week and a half of antibiotic (you guessed it - Denton gave her that too!). She has been happy and a little feisty (not 1-2-3-4 Fiest-y), so I think she's ok now.

She had one follow-up appointment where she got the all-clear. But the vet gave us a cat dental device, so we can brush her teeth.......the ones that remain. You can see it below - it's like a plastic ring you wear and get the right side of the thingy in her mouth. GOOD LUCK with that!

....but also if you look close at the picture, she gets Poultry Flavoured toothpaste.

I suppose that is supposed to make it all better!

Song by: the Smiths

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RJ March said...

mmmm... poultry flavoured tooth paste. Lucky kitty.