Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hangin' on the Telephone

I won't say this is a lame posting, but there is zero thought behind it. I didn't find the site, I'm just posting it. Anyway, I find I don't put a lot into my postings when I hit the road.

Today is supposed to be a travel day - but with freezing rain and lots of snow, we'll see if my plane goes anywhere. Actually, lets see if there is a plane....or a crew. Chances are, there might be one, but doubtful they'll be both.....especially since I'm on the first flight out to DC.

So, anyway, Denton found me this site. don't ask why or how. I didn't. I wouldn't say it was NSFW, but I guess you might want to proceed with caution.

I suppose it could be construed at homophobic (notice the guys looking and leaving), but I didn't see it that way. And in my mind, it is no worse than that Snickers ad from last year's Über Bowl. And the guys are much much much hotter.

.....I'm must sayin'.........

Song by: Blondie

1 comment:

RJ March said...

Bone, yes, but not of the jaw.