Monday, February 11, 2008


Man - this week is just gonna suck, I know it. ...and not in the good way.

Yesterday the temperature started dropping as the winds kicked up. It was all of 9F when I went to bed and 3F when I got up.

But the winds have died down. They had gotten up to 50-60 mph yesterday, dropping the windchill well into the negative teens. Since this thing is tracking east, I am sure I will encounter similar weather in DC as I head there for work. Joy oh joy.

I am sure I've mentioned it before, but I am becoming less and less a fan of the cold.

I am sure it is age and whatever that goes along with it that does not allow one to ward off the frigid weather more easily. I lost that years ago.

What happened to the Blobby who used to go ice skating on the lake where he grew up?

Now it is not only the cold that would push me off of that idea - now that I'm older and maybe a little wiser - what the fuck was I ever thinking of skating down there where it was 10 minutes to anyone's house had one of us fallen in. Ahhhhhh stupidity youth.

And what ever happened to the Blobby who loved to ski?

I still want to go, but those days of full snow and temps near 30s and going in just a flannel shirt, jeans and a down vest are few and far between. And the times of night skiing - never gonna happen!

I will say, in the last few years, I have been finding gear to keep me warmer....but not warm. A series of layerd items, wind stoppers and water repellent shells help. But it's my feet and hands cannot seem to retain the heat. (You've all seen my dorky hat - so you know my dome and ears are good!)

And it just blows that all stores are kept at 72 degrees. Of course, every pair of gloves feels good and like they can do the job. I'd be embarrassed for people to see how many gloves and mittens litter my coat closet. It's where I barely bother even with them as they ain't doin' much of nothin'.

Denton and I had a conversation this weekend about moving. Not a serious one. A position in my company might be available that would allow relocation to the southwest. Nevada to be specific. See - I could live in the desert, I think. He can't. Or won't.

Folks I know who have moved to California or the southwest will sometimes lament about no longer having a change in season. I don't think I'd be that guy....but you never know. On days like this - I would be just fine!

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rebecca said...

Honey I have just one word for you: Gay men in furs.

Seriously. My friend Michael moved to Chicago and bought himself a mink.

Oh, and do yourself a favor and just buy a box of these: (The hand warmers, NOT the "Staphaseptic"!) I use them for skiing and am trying to get Andrew (of the frigid digits) to put them in the pocket of his lab coat. Those poor patients!

Tony (LT) said...

Young or old, I have never been a big fan of extreme cold...although I probably have never experienced the kind of cold you all do up there. I think the coldest I can ever remember it being was about 11 or 12 degrees....and I was out in it. But I didn't mind because I was among the crowds celebrating Tennessee's football National Championship win in 98.

RJ March said...

Did you know that I too grew up and ice skated on a lake?