Thursday, February 21, 2008

Big Bang Baby

I don't know exactly how to describe our property - but what would be the traditional front of the house now overlooks a three lane, one-way street......and there is no access to the 'front door'.

You now approach the house from the back and come in the side. All the houses on our street have been retrofitted to have the back of the house to now be the front. Ours is even weirder, as we sit at an angle. Back in the day (like 50-80 years ago), everyone overlooked a bluff. We still do, but the roads and access ways are different.

And the property line goes down and around the hill - and along the three lane road, and it's on a curve. Speed limit is 20 mph, but no one goes that slow. You can times it by two.

Because of that - there seem to be many many accidents. It has gotten to the point that I can hear even the slightest the fender bender that culminates in backed-up traffic.

Like yesterday morning. Denton and I both heard it, but when traffic never stopped or slowed down, I actually questioned my intuitive skills. But then I left the house for the office and got around the corner and saw this:

The car was headed the wrong way up the hill, but into our property. I didn't take this picture. Denton did. (and yes, I know the speed limit sign says 35 mph, but that is after you get around the curve for the straight away.)

I called him from my car saying the automobile was there, no one had stopped to help and there was someone in the car (mind you 15 minutes had gone by from sound to sight), so he called the police. He also went out and called down to the woman, who by this time was out of the car.

Several of our neighbors thought maybe she was headed the wrong way on a one-way street, but that seems unlikely. Not at that time of the morning. Too much traffic to make that mistake.....and get that far.

No, I'm guessing someone was changing lanes, clipped her and she spun around - not that it was icy or anything.

Maybe it is my skewed recollection, but she seemed to be deeper into our trees when I saw her then when Denton took the picture. Of course, maybe she tried to back out too. Dunno. I'm half-guessing the car is still there and will see it when I go to work tomorrow morning.

Is it any wonder we continually find car parts, garbage, liquor bottles and full sets of men's clothing on that hillside?

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