Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Jukebox Hero

Can I just say this: I SUCK at Guitar Hero III.

My nephew got it for his 15th birthday and I played it with him over the weekend. But I am bad. Beyond bad, actually.

If you haven't seen it, and until Saturday, I hadn't - it is not a real guitar (duh!), but one with five coloured keys on it. You watch the notes you're supposed to hit on the Wii.

But I guess if you haven't played or at least memorized the keys and their order, it doesn't really help you, because if you take your eyes away from the screen to look at the guitar - you miss what notes your supposed to pay on the screen (double duh).

So, I butchered my way through "Hit Me With Your Best Shot", Barracuda" and "When You Were Young". I refused to play Poison's "Talk Dirty to Me".....I just couldn't bring myself to. And the rest of the song choices, in my HMO, were abysmal....which is why those were the only three we played.

In 4th grade I attempted to learn to play guitar. But being left-handed, it presented problems - as much for me as the instructor. He couldn't quite grasp that to him, the strings were backwards and upside down. .....and I cannot even seem to hold a guitar right-handed. Technically, I only do four things as a lefty - eat, write and play guitar (note there are only three listed here - you'll have to guess the fourth thing on your own!).

But these are just buttons, not strings. Technically, I could hold it anyway I damn well pleased. It didn't matter. It didn't help. Trust me, I tried.

That being said - we had fun. More fun for him, because he kicked my ass in the points division. He's beating me at everything though. I haven't seen him for a month and he is now taller than I am. I'm guessing he is 6'3" or taller....and still growing.

I still want to learn to play guitar though. There has to be an internet program that could teach a lefty to play - right?

Song by: Foreigner

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rebecca said...

You have to remember that you're not playing guitar, you're playing Space Invaders.

Helped me, anyway. I rocked on Should I Stay or Should I Go and Dani California!