Monday, February 25, 2008

Re-Election Day

I'm traveling most of this week, and the primary is following one, so I thought to be safe, I would complete my absentee ballot this last weekend and get it off in the mail.

As I went down the decision tree, I had to make choose what I thought was the most viable candidate. Experience or change - if one can even quantify 'change'. Polarizing or uniting. Man or woman. Black or white.

There was also a nagging (?) quote that kept coming back to me from Liz Lemon (30 Rock) from a first season episode (those who truly know me will not be the least bit surprised I retained this):

Tracy took advantage of my white guilt, which is to be used only for good like over-tipping and supporting Barack Obama.

I made a conscious decision not to vote on black or white guilt.

Had either Obama or Clinton been far enough ahead that it wouldn't have mattered, I would have voted for Kucinich. Yes, he dropped out of the race weeks ago, but not long enough to be taken off the ballot here. I don't know if that would have sent a message or not, but I would have felt better.

No matter who I voted for, I felt I was compromising myself. ...and not that I don't most elections, but this one seemed to be more so. It is probably timing. If I think hard, I had zero desire to vote for Kerry. I didn't vote for Kerry - I voted against Bush. The difference isn't even all that subtle - in my mind.

It really did come down to change over experience. And since any of the democrats are going to be a huge change over the current administration - I went for experience.

I just haven't heard anything of substance from Obama other than 'change'. Tell me how. Tell me how. Tell me how. PLEASE tell me how!!!

With less two years of congressional experience, how will he navigate change in a current democratic congress that can't pass a frickin' thing now?? G-d fuckin forbid tides change and there isn't a ruling House or Senate from his own party.

For the time being, Hillary is my man. It is just a gut check.

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rebecca said...

Good. You voted on your man guilt.

And do I need to remind you? Barack slaps me hard on the back, sending me over the bridge and into what should be frigid waters.

'Nuff said!