Sunday, February 03, 2008

Puppy Love

Yes, I know I posted something similar a year ago - but who frickin' cares? It's the Puppy Bowl IV.

It is worth at least another mention. You'll probably see another one a year from now. Suck it up!

I know I've mentioned before, I could care less about pro-football, and the Super Bowl is no exception (save the chance to see a shot of Mike Vrabel).

TPB, as I'll refer to it, runs the same time as the highly expensive commercials football event, but it a lot cuter and a lot more fun. Though I'm not obligated to watch it, TPB runs on one of my client's channels.

When/If you got to the website, you can check out the starting
line-up - though I'm looking forward to seeing Justin, Colt and Mrs. Roper (i love that name!).

You really should keep it on for the 'under the water bowl cam' and when a ref comes out to call a foul (i.e. pick up some doggie doo-doo).
I don't see a link to it, but there is also a Kitty Kat Half Time Show. You should stick around for that too.

Song by: Donny Osmond

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Anonymous said...

Did you see the cute li'l baby beagle who looked like our Skeetie? I made all SB party hosts turn it to Animal Planet for at least a couple minutes today.