Thursday, February 28, 2008

Birth. School. Work. Death.

When I'm on the road, for work, I don't drink.

Believe it or don't - but it's true. I resist the pre-dinner drink or the wine with meal. It is just safer that way - for all involved.

Tonite, I felt differently. WAY differently. I downed four, count 'em, large-ass beers from a micro-brew in downtown DC.

Though I didn't make an ass of myself or anything, I did become what folks would consider unusually quiet - listening to the following (in no particular order)

  • golf
  • football - pro
  • football - college
  • basketball - pro
  • basketball - college
  • Barack Obama
  • tennis
  • hermaphordies
  • pseudo-hermaphrodites
  • Jamie Lee Curtis
  • Tiger Woods
  • darts
  • Hillary Clinton
Seriously, is it any wonder when the automaton waitress kept coming by I'd just say, "I'll have another one......."?

Song by: the Godfathers

1 comment:

RJ March said...

No wonder at all-- were you at the Boring Heterosexual Convention? Who talks about darts? Throw it and shut up!