Saturday, February 16, 2008

I Love Trash

I was in NoVA opening a new clinic this week (it went just fine - thanks for axing). But in between events I was taking a call in the lobby of the building from which I was working. On getting off my conference call, my boss goes 'hey I wan to talk to you' and starts walking away from me. I dutifully follow.

We approach the public men's room and he turns and goes "I want to show you something."

Ok - this is just kind of weird. Sure, it makes for good porn, but just an uncomfortable work situation at best.

All he really wanted to show me was this:

He found it funny - and actually I did too. Now, I had warshed my hands in there a number of times during the week and discarded the paper towels into said receptacle but never noticed the Sharpied notification.

As mortified as I might have been to follow him into a restroom, I returned the favor by whipping out

But without missing a beat he goes, 'now I have two stories!'

Song by: Oscar the Grouch


Anonymous said...

Blobby, Oscar LOVES trash....the only thing that comes up on Google under LIKING trash is your blog.....

Blobby said...

Thanks for the 411 and correction on this.....Oscar.....or David....or possibly Nophie.