Saturday, January 27, 2007


The 2007 Weblog Award Nominees have been announced. I'm a Beyonce in a Meryl Streep world.....just a lot more talented and not such a (media) whore.

Oh, I didn't expect to get nominated. Fuck - I was too lazy to even nominate myself....and you just know that most of the people who got the final nod did indeed submit their own blog. I didn't even shill for anyone else to nominate me. There isn't a category out there that I think I'd fit into. I had a better opportunity to be in the Best Latin American category than GLBT or Humour.

I am a little GLBT (minus the L the B and the T), some humour, a part of politics, a note of music, and a smidge of food in my blog. The only area I might have even been eligible for would be Best Kept Secret Weblog. I'm not lamenting that I didn't get in, but I won't lie and say that a bump in readership wouldn't have been fun, however short-term it might have been.

Actually there are very few sites that are nominated that I read, or have even heard of. Post Secret is a weekly read for me. I know of Defamer, but stopped reading it months ago. I do visit the Daily Kos. I'm thrilled to visit some of the web development sites to see how to improve this thing.

Other sites I don't know or look at, but am sure that Becky would like Go Fug Yourself, Meredith with Crazy Aunt Purl and I can almost guarantee that Jon is a daily reader of Wil Wheaton (HA!). Who doesn't like a little Wesley Crusher? In space, no one can see you swish!

I do however, expect to see an site represented here next year - and not mine: Dith and Becca better get Sharing Needles up and running so you can be considered under Best Craft Weblog.

Though the best nominated blog name (and I haven't ever read it) for 2007 has to be My Boyfriend is a Twat.

So, there you have it. Nominees are there to vote on - or not.

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Blobby said...

No no....The Slashies.