Wednesday, January 03, 2007

3004 Dead in Ohio Iraq

Oh wait. That's just U.S. dead.

Oh wait. I that's just U.S. military fatalities. You can probably add more when it comes to contractors who are 'working' over there to make a better!!) for Haliburton and Bechtel!

And by the time this gets posted, we'll be past the 3ooo mark anyway.

It's sad. I watch the numbers daily. They are published each and every day in our local newspaper. It's hard to miss even if you wanted to. There are very few days when there isn't an addition to the tally. Two (or is it three) times this year (crap, I guess it was last year) have been the highest months for U.S. fatalities since the war began in March 2003. Yes folks, we're closing in on 4 yrs.

Like I said - this is U.S. military deaths only. The number that doesn't get posted daily are the Iraq dead. 655,000 as of July 2005. The number was not pulled arbitrarily. It comes from a highly regarded Lancet article from a Johns Hopkins study. Look at that number closely. If anyone thinks we had nothing to do with this - they should wise up. We invaded a country based on a lie, which in turn helped bring on a civil war. No doubt this number surpasses any number of people that died under Saddam's 30 yr rein. ...and we helped them do it in 3.25 yrs.

I'd say, 'where's the outrage?' - but I am continually amazed at how blinded so many in this country are to war. This war!

Polls will tell you that America does not feel we are winning and that the war was a mistake. W said he got the voting public's message after the 2006 elections and that he sees that we want change. Yet there is little outcry to Shrub's total lack of response after that statement. In fact, he is more determined to stay in than ever and thinking of adding more troops. Up to 20,000 more troops!! He was "elected" by the people, yet ignores almost all of them. He has even dismissed the Baker-Hamilton Report. And Jimmy B. is one of daddy's closest buddies. What gives?

Watching some news program the other day, I was amazed at a mother's take on her son joining the Marines and going to Iraq. To paraphrase: so Iraqis can't do anymore terrorist acts to the United States.

OMG. Are people really still operating under that old myth???? Of course, the irony is, Saddam kept Al-Qaeda (Al-Queda?) out of Iraq. After he was captured, they are now spread-out all over that country. And the U.S. helped spread of this kind of terrorism based on that WMD lie, which no one has sufficiently called this administration on.

3000+ U.S. deaths barely skims the surface. We're talking almost 47,000 non-mortal casualties for our troops alone. The DoD really has no concrete plan to deal with all the traumatic brain injury victims. Yes, there has been a lot of talk on iffy body armor for the troops, but in reality they have some armor and the majority of trauma is to the head. Surgery and Rehab facilities are not covering these veteran's needs. VA hospitals are not equipped for this type of injury in this volume. Where is the in-depth media coverage on these folks? Where is the cost breakdown in the war totals for their lifetime of special needs? Is it even part of the war costs?

I literally started this blog on the first day of this war. Don't look for those posts - I still haven't updated the archives. Sorry. Yes, I post time to time on the war, but not enough - which stands to question: where is my outrage?

It is amazing how easily we can become accustomed to what is everyday goings on. I don't blog about it daily - it's too painful to discuss - which makes me somewhat culpable. If the everyday Joe (or Blob) won't call the administration on it - who will? I really have so much admiration for sites like the Daily Kos and other political sites who do a much better job than I ever could.

Impeachment is now out of the question, I suppose. It doesn't mean W shouldn't be interred at Gitmo, without access to counsel and for an indefinate period of time - like forever. I'd send him to the Hague, but why give the man a trip to the Netherlands.

Maybe it's time I replace my banner at the top of the blog and just put a countdown clock until his last day & minute in office. Sadly on January 20, 2009 @ 12:00, while many will celebrate then end of Shrub's dictatorship, there will still be tens of thousands of men & women over in Iraq....courtesy of your former president.


Anonymous said...

People are not outraged because there is no draft. Plain and simple. Vietnam was ended by protestors because there was a draft and 4 students were killed protesting in, as you mention, Ohio. Perhaps we are getting closer to that or we will get a democrat who will end this crapola war. I was outraged the day it began, so much so that I cannot watch the news anymore or even hear W's voice without feeling nauseous.

Anonymous said...

This entire debacle is actually its own 'perfect storm'.
Conservatives renamed Neocons were angry with the outcome and their perception of slights to veterans of the Viet Nam conflict.
Ironically NONE of them participated in that conflict. In fact many went out of their way to avoid service.
The republican party desperate to gain power devised a 'southern strategey' designed to appeal to that region and to promote 'states rights'(small gov't).Tired of tax dollars going to social programs(welfare queens)they pushed a program of tax cuts.This ended any altruism in gov't.
Regan began to dismantle the too large gov't.
Clinton assisted by overhauling the FCC. Powell,jr. finished the job under Bush II. Media entities were allowed to increase their individual holdings and consolidate operations.Foreign interests were fast tracked into our domestic communications market,with less independent information providers.
When only 3 or 4 outlets provide,books,tv,magazines and movies, don't expect to much journalistic independence.
Goodbye public service,hello infomercial.
Savvy citizens knew the problems of this administration when it was reported that they had a screening of "The Battle of Algiers" for insights into the war on terror. Most of us had seen it during Viet Nam.