Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Nothing says 'love' like A Flock of Seagulls song.

I missed it.....our anniversary. Completely spaced on it.

Denton is the one to forget...usually. He remembered. I'm chalking my lapse up to cold meds, or just distraction from a job offer.

It's odd - but how do gay couples decide on their anniversary date? Even couples in MA or Canada probably don't consider their wedding date as their anniversary date - do they? Most of us don't have that marriage option so we pick an arbitrary date to signify 'being together'.

We I picked it in retrospect. It was the night we pretty much first spent together, where we then proceeded to be with each other for months on end. Yeah, I'd go home to my scary efficiency, but we spent a lot of time together - and not just because we worked at the same place. BTW, the first night wasn't some booty call (omg...I can't believe I just used that phrase). Though it was unplanned in a sense, we had worked up to it for a few months.

Morty & Jon might be quick to point out that we took a break. Yes, we did. And yes, technically it was for a few years. But we never lost the closeness. After moving in together, and then apart, I would be at his apartment for things, or he would key into mine on his way home from his 3-11p shift. So whereas some might not count it as continual 22 years together, Denton and I do. Even IF we didn't - it would be 17 years. Not too shabby. It was one of those things that was meant to be, even when we were living apart. If Iran can talk themselves into the holocaust not happening, I can certainly look the other way regarding a few years not living together.

So last Sunday, 22 (or 17) has came and went. I don't know we would have done anything special had we been proactive about it, but we might have. Ahhh...we're just waiting for 25 (or 20) to do something special special. Yeah......that's it.

On a completely unrelated note, I woke up with the Tubes' "Talk To Ya Later". Ugh. What's that about? What a horribly bland song!! Do you remember when they did fun stuff like "Don't Touch Me There" and "White Punks on Dope"? Then they had to do shit like "She's a Beauty". Anyway, I can't even tell you the last time I heard "Talk To Ya Later"....besides this morning....in my head.


Anonymous said...

Here is an idea. When you guys hit 25/20 you could take a romantic get away trip to the Carribean together! That is what we did one year on Valentine's Day to celebrate our fifteenth anniversary. (Now we are also at 22.) You guys have probably done something like that before, though. Just a thought. :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe on your 25/20 you should go to MA and get married. Quit giving Denton the milk for free. Make it legal; well, not in the South, or anywhere else for that matter.

Moby said...

The ex and I had two dates. The one we first met on and the one we signed our DP registry. After we registered, we pretty much used that date as THE anniversary though.

Anonymous said...

we always use the 4th of july. not the day we met, but like you guys.. the day i went over to his place and never really left.