Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Yes - I realize it's not Monday, but I had my other post written and ready to go yesterday morning before I read the paper.

Here are just a few excerpts from the Plain Dealer's weekly tribute to the ever evolving Grandpa Simpson population of Northeast Ohio. There is no set subject for the gripes - it's all free form. Don't try applying logic or trying to reason with these folks...it's never gonna work.

"Where did that slogan 'Best Location in the Nation' come from? Best location for what? Getting shot, robbed, raped, home foreclosures and taxed to death? - Parma

"My moan is funeral homes that don't give discounts to seniors." - Berea

"I'm tired of reading about what may, might, should or probably will happen, in Iraq. Just keep quiet until something does happen." - Akron

"Stop naming cars with numbers and letters. It's ridiculous." - Strongsville


Anonymous said...

These "Grandpa Simpson" types have amused me for quite awhile...

Stacy Cane said...

yes -- that one was especially galling.