Friday, January 05, 2007


We've been having spotty internets access for over the last two weeks. It's been highly annoying, especially while one is performing a job search. Time-Warner recently has taken over our service from the fraud and bankrupt grips of Adelphia. Until the last few weeks, we've seen no change in service.

When we did call, there was an automated message that said they knew they were experiencing internets issues. So we rode it out for a week. Finally we got a human who was actually pretty nice. Remotely they pinged our service and found we were only getting maybe 40% of our signal. I would venture it was closer to 20%. They scheduled us for repair two days ago....between 12p - 4p. They showed at 3:40....naturally. Though they replaced the cable from street to house, the service ended up being worse....if that was possible.

So today, they came back to look at the poles. The problem eminated where many of our service issues do: the borderline of Cleveland and Cleveland Hts. No one knows where we belong - fire, police, trash and now cable. Great!! Our house sits in Cleveland. Our front yard and where the address/street numbers are reside in the Hts. It seems Time-Warner updated some poles, but not ours because well......see the earlier part of this paragraph. But we're fixed. No more going to the library to use their wireless services (though I would sit there and rip CDs from the AV section).

More good news is that TW is giving us a month of service at no cost and in April they are trashing all of the Adelphia hardware and will upgrade all equipment. YAYY. Bad news is - I'm sure they'll be raising rates. C'est la vie.

More good news? I'm headed to Hartford, most likely next Thursday, for an interview. The job seems pretty good, though we haven't negotiated salary or benefits. But they're flying me up and back, so it's all good. The bad news is, I probably won't make the 70 min trip to Lenox to see Rebecca or the 90 min trip to see David in NYC. But if they offer and I accept the job, I'll be in Hartford often enough that I can make those trips.


Anonymous said...

If there is no traffic, it is only 30 minutes to see ME at the splendid Fair View Estate (hardy har har). Good luck on the interview!

rebecca said...

Oooh, we're finding out more and more about the elusive Sue...

So, tell me, you rip those CD's from library onto your laptop and then what, transfer them to your music server at home?

I just don't get how itunes keeps up with it all!

PS The real problem is that your house is so big that it STRADDLES TWO CITIES!