Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I'm going on record: WHO GIVES A FUCK?

Every evening news program had some story on this event. Likewise the 24 news channels all day long. As did most newspapers I've read. And front page material of the sports section as the main story.


Most of these stories are calling him one of the greatest athletes EVER. Are they kidding???? This is a man who got beaten upon, which most likely helped the on-set of his Parkinson's. His PD is not idiopathic - one of the reasons he will never be a candidate for Deep Brain Stimulation as a treatment. This I know.

I almost had to laugh at a story today saying he was wheeled down to ringside to watch his daughter in a boxing match. That just doesn't seem right...for multiple reasons.

I've said it before and will again - Secretariat was as good of an athlete as Ali.

Is the only reason the media is making such a big deal about this is that no one ever expected him to make it to 65? I have never seen any birthday story for any other athlete in the media - let alone to this magnitude.

Blobby is perplexed.


rebecca said...

Come on, the man invented the rope-a-dope!

I didn't get what the Ali thing was all about until someone (who shall and must remain nameless) made me watch When We Were Kings, I think it was. Ali just has that whatever about him -- he was fearless and devout and smart and he came from nothing. He was a conscientious objector to the Vietnam war and protested racial inequality in the U.S. -- come on, there's far more hype about boring old vanilla Lance Armstrong. Ok ok, he's had a horrible illness too, but I sort of like Ali. And where would Howard Cosell be without him?? I think he used some smart strategies -- like the media -- when boxing really was all about quietly and stupidly beating the crap out of each other.

Anonymous said...

No mention of MY 39th in the news??? For shame.

Secretariat WAS the world's greatest athlete.