Monday, January 22, 2007


...most likely.

Before you think this a recap of the G.R. Ford funereal month, think again.

Early Friday evening, I got a job offer. Verbally. I'm still waiting for it in writing - along with the benefit package. Hopefully some, if not all, of that will come today. But barring any unforeseen circumstances, I can't see why I shouldn't be gainfully employed soon.

It's been a long almost four months. I never expected it to take this long - though everyone said it would, if not double it. Assuming I accept, between then and a negotiated start date, I think I will be able to enjoy the time that everyone keeps telling me I should have been doing.

The offer was good. Not quite what I was making - but only 3% or so off it - but I can more than make that up with company bonuses. Even if I don't, I think I can live without the 3%.

Though the company is not based in Ohio (and I know you'll all understand why I'd never mention the company here in the blog), I will work primarily from home and travel about two days of the week - nationwide. As their market expands, it is possible for international travel, which I am up for.

Ironically, my old employer called late last week wanting me do to some contract work for them. They foresaw it as only being a six month engagement. In reality, knowing what they want/need to accomplish, it should be closer to a two-year project, but they weren't willing to commit to that. Unfortunately, I could not commit to them for only six months (though had I not gotten this offer, I may have seriously considered it).

The new job takes me a little out of my comfort zone, but that's not a bad thing - or at least I keep telling myself. I'd been with my last organization so long, that I'd settled in and gotten probably way to, well, comfortable. I think it's harder to change when you aren't the one initiating the change - when it's forced upon you, one has to take long hard looks. (yes Morty, I said 'long and hard'.)

Over the weekend, I found myself in a better mood. It didn't hurt I was ending the cold cycle. Denton has also had some very positive interviews this last week. I hope to see us both working in February.

I'm actually looking forward to 2007!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Is this the job out of Hartford?

David G said...

You smile too much!

Blobby said...

It's a curse! what can i tell you.