Friday, December 08, 2006


For g-d's sake, won't somebody PLEASE love me???

I'm ever so adorable!!!

Sophie chose us well. She's still really adorable and curious. I swear I've never had any of the other cats knocking over lamps - but she does.

If the other cats got up onto counters I only knew about it once. Sophie....she's cute, but she cannot be trusted. But she gets away with it.

She still loves to snuggle, but mostly between the hours of 3-6 a.m. And like the other cats, I'm willing to wake up to do whatever they want. She's also a realllllly long kitten. I'm guessing she's 3.5' long. Denton thinks she has to stretch out her full length because of a growing thing.

She's funny about her purrs. Kylie and Tovah would purr constantly, Sophie seemingly is a bit more conserative with her purrer. I think she's happy. She seems to enjoy it here.

I also don't have her stimulus-response mechanism figured out - if she has one. With Kylie, I could always get to come to me by singing. Usually, I'd make up songs that would have her name in it, but she'd respond to anything. Tovah - you just have to call her name or make kissy sounds (or pat a piece of furniture) and she comes, as long as it is Denton or me doing it.

Sophie has none of these that registers even a recognition. And it goes for saying 'no'. Snapping our fingers usually had Kylie and Tovah stop what they were doing. No such luck with the Soph-monster. She barely looks up, let alone any cease and desist.

On the other hand, she's not afraid of much. Kylie and Tovah could be identified as 'scaredy cats'. Sophie is fearless - which in a way is great, but scares me what she'll get into things that she shouldn't.

...and poor Tovah. She's been pretty accepting...but Soph will take almost any opportunity to attack her. Since she's smaller than Tovah, Sophie spends an inordinate amount of time on her hind legs making her seem taller. Tovah is not amused or impressed. It will work out.

So, that's my bi-weekly Sophie update.


Anonymous said...

I love you Sophie! You are a gorgeous cat! Your owners are so lucky and I hope they know it.

Gumby said...

she is definitely a cutey.

please send me a link to your 'sink kitty' post...

rebecca said...

She's your baby, that's for sure. Nophie acts EXACTLY the same...

Anonymous said...

Try whistling. Simone would come running when I whistled for her. My current cats ignore whistles, but it might work for the little monster.

She is SO cute. Can't wait to meet her.