Wednesday, December 27, 2006

2007 Calendars

When you see the thousands of 'bound date-telling pages' to choose from at Borders - you kind of, sort of expect to see this:

You don't really expect you? Or is it just me?

As much as you probably can't hang the first one up in your work office now & days (unless you work in an auto body shop or something) - it's more than likely you have a lesser chance of putting up the least without a derogatory name (or two) being lobbed your way.

And really - how many does one have to sell to get an ROI on 'Brokeback' calendars?


Anonymous said...


I don't know what these things are and have been hesitant to ask.

Morty's helped me with EMO, you helped us with MEME---ROI has me flummoxed.

Anonymous said...

Really Orange Icons

rebecca said...

Let's talk about that hottie behind those queers, though.

Anonymous said...

Viggo has such tiny teeth.

Blobby said...

Oh I know! It's a good thing Aragorn rarely smiled!!!