Saturday, December 09, 2006


The photo is not mine. Morty (or George) supplied it when they were going or going from St. George (no relation), Utah. Morty was doing his marathon thing, I'll assume Geo was doing his bug-huntin' thing.

The resturant is actually in Mt. Carmel Junciton, where I'm guessing that all of the male customers are named 'John'.

I'm farily disappointed that I'm not brimming with prostitution/dessert jokes. Why is this? It should be easy. Maybe it's too easy and I'm just missing it. Though the words 'mince meat' keep popping into my brain.

I also keep coming back to a skit that Jan Hooks and Alec Baldwin did umpteen years ago on SNL, where she was a ceratin kind of waitress who offers a free slice of 'pie' to his customer character. "You shouldn't give away your pie with breakfast.......makes ya look CHEAP," say he.

Oh....and the pies are served with Ripple....not Thunderbird!


Unknown said...

Great picture!

"Oh, yeah, baby. Eat that pie. Eat it! Yes! Make it a la mode! Yessssssssssss!"

Okay, I'm done now.

Blobby said...

Actually - that is PERFECT! I love the 'a la mode' comment!!!!!