Saturday, December 23, 2006


Betcha didn't think I'd make a post today - did ya?

Last night we had our holiday get together. Lower key then last year, but no less special (except for the fact that Jon, Dith David & Duck couldn't join us*). 10 people just hanging out, enjoying food, wine, beer, cookies and lots of good conversation and laughter.

The cocktail/hors d'oeuvres party turned into a sit down dinner....courtesy of Rebecca. As a mother of two young girls, sitting down to the dinner table is a luxury for her. At first I was concerned that guests were not expecting this, nor were we situated to seat 10. But we had a card table, we put up and though the inevitable jokes about a 'kids table' surface, they also quickly passed. We were left with food and talk.

A simple meal of salad, fruit and beef tenderloin with lots and lots and lots of wine. LOTS. When Bob & Matt were leaving, Bob confided, "I think I had an entire bottle of wine." My response was, "don't worry, so has everyone else!".

Ruckiry (not Jon's boss), the conversation never deteriorated too much...though we did go on about SNL's Dick in a Box, but could you blame us? With some of us old-timers, who have known each other for almost two decades, well....we know each others stories. That's a nice way of putting it. With this familiarity, I think we've been known to accidently shut others out - but we were soooo good that this time it didn't happen. I don't think. I may have consumed a bottle of wine...or more.

The only embarrassment of the evening came early on. Hardwood floors, me in socks and leaning against the back of a leather sofa is (and was) just a recipie for disaster. Talking with a friend, I found my extended feet begining to slide...and there was nothing to stop me. Damn Sir Isaac Newton! On the upside, I only spilled the wine I was holding and did not drop or break the glass. The only thing hurt was my pride.

However, during dinner I was being a blogger. Surprisingly as it sounds, not everyone knew this fact. And going by the number of hits I don't get, it's not a complete shock either. (sigh)

* full disclosure: I didn't actually invite, Jon or David & Duck - since I knew they weren't crossing state lines to just join us for dinner. It does not make them any less missed. Dith? Well....she just blew us off!


Anonymous said...

Did not!

rebecca said...

And Robert, no one hardly noticed your fall! I had to tell Morty. And George. And Denton, and...

It was a great party! Thank you thank you for making my sit-down dreams come true. It was the LONGEST I have sat down to a hot meal in (five to be exact) years. And I don't remember it being lower-key than last year. What happened last year?

rebecca said...

PS If you'd had your Homer slippers on, that never would have happened...
(PPS My "scramble" to post this comment was "gdcox"!! ROR!)