Monday, December 25, 2006


...that I have not watched Pee Wee's Christmas Special - which IS the bestest holiday special of all time.

Actually, it used to be that once a year was never enough, which is how I used to have my Christmas in July party. I believe the last occasion for this party, while in Columbus, most attendees ended up bringing me wrapped fruitcake bricks. It did get to the point where almost everyone who attended knew all of the lines....all of the inflections...all of the pauses. It's rare that an email isn't exchanged at the year's first snow-fall where the subject isn't: "It's Sno-oh-oh-oh-oh-ing".

Of course, for some, it got to the point where there was an internal collective sigh when the show wasn't viewed - at least in a group, where the tape almost became secondary.

The guests are fun and funny - too many to name and too out there to adequately due justice in a blog. The whole thing is gettable, even if you weren't a Pee Wee's Playhouse fan (though it helps a bit). And as implied earlier, the entire things is quoteable. Every. Single. Line.

Thank g-d that it finally came to DVD a few years back. My VHS copy was worn out. I was going to buy a new one on eBay, but didn't have to. And as the ultimate xmas gift, I had a copy sent to all my good friends.

So, I missed viewing it before xmas this year. No biggie. I think I still have a week timeframe to get it in before the holidays are over.

If you haven't seen it - you must. You MUST.

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