Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I love Aimee Mann, but thought it a little odd that she put out a holiday album. She doesn't come across as being the celebratory sort (though she does cover "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch"). But nothing, and I mean nothing, tops this!

If you thought the botox'd Billy Idol, in the Wedding Singer, was eerie, well......you haven't seen the Xmas Billy. Two covers (one an import): Billy tinkling (hehehe, I said 'tinkle') the ivories. Billy in his best Rod Stewart poses! EEEEEEK.

Idol has completely missed the novelty of this. Billy went traditional, but he could have gone all Weird Al on us - and probably it would have been with better results. Why oh why did he not go with doing 'White Christmas' to the tune of 'White Wedding'???? I'm telling you - it would have assured radio airplay!!!!!

Another horrible marketing snafu? Release date is 12/15.

WTF? Who the hell is buying this ten days or less prior to xmas? But really - who is buying this album at all??? I means, besides the people who subscribe to Mr. Idol's fanzines.

I took the liberty of doing a quick draft of how it could have been:

Hey little Santa what have you done?
Hey little Santa are you the only one?
Hey little Santa you fly like superman
I have been good for so long (so long)
I've been so good for so long (so long)

It's a nice day for a White Christmas!!!
It's a nice day to......open gifts!!!!
It's a nice day for a White Christmas!!!

Clearly I didn't put a lot of thought into it - and yet I still put too much.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Noel Noel to the tune of Mony Mony?

Or Rebel Yell = Jingle Bell?

rebecca said...

With the Jingle Bell, she cried more, more more!

Anonymous said...

"Dancin' with my Elf"