Thursday, December 21, 2006


I prefer "conscientious objector".

But that name probably doesn't sell pieces of stuffed fabric to block the wind from under your doors. The ones we own are much more clever. We have a 'cold duck' and a 'chilly dog'.

...and speaking of drafts....

Do I support pulling the troops out of Iraq? Yup! Is Shrub hellbent on sending more troops to Iraq (and an additional $100 $99.7 BILLION to do it)? Yesindeedy. Of course, he still thinks we can "win" this. He should look around....he/we lost "it" and quite some time ago at that.

He wants more troops? Fine! I say - reinstate the draft!! No exceptions for educational deferments. No exceptions for people of priviledge. No exceptions for gender. But by all means - keep the queers out! Oh wait, I'm over the military's upped age limit - I'm good. The queers can serve! A mandnatory draft is the only way the people are going to go 'oh shit! WHAT the fudge are we doing?!' ....but I didn't mean 'fudge'.

Soon, we are going to be in Iraq longer than U.S. troops were in the WWII arenas. Think about that. ...and we got something done there. Sure it involved an atomic bomb or two - if you must nitpick!!! (and lordy, I am NOT advocating that now!). Oh, and there is no timetable to pull out. Dates of 2008 and 2010 have been thrown out here and there, but putting more troops in now will surely extend those timelines.

Listening to the BBC yesterday, there was a panel on who the moderator could not quite control - it was like a Fox "news" show of Britian. Iraqi, U.S., U.K. and an asian woman, whose country of origin I missed, representatives were the guests.

Underlying agreements ran across the board - the U.S. has already run out their goodwill, we have no plan and our strategy isn't working. You didn't need a talk show for that!

Oddly enough, a few people brought up some interesting, if not flawed, points. The asian woman was adament that while she conceded that we didn't have a strategy, but we needed more troops. Isn't the definition of insanity to keep repeating the same thing over and over expecting different results? More troops just means more resentment from the Iraqis and more deaths on their side and on ours.

Another item brought up - from a U.K. woman - was that the Iraqis did in fact want democracy and that they have turned out in greater percentages than anyone voting in the U.S.. I could argue that - but I won't. It's not that they don't want democracy - but their factions are warring. Saying that X% of one side voted for a leader leaves another X% out. While this is true in all democratic elections, usually the other side doesn't use roadside bomb and IDEs to blow up the ones who won (but don't count the GOP out just yet! 2008 is around the corner!). Anyhooo...this is not the liberty the troops were expecting to bestow upon Iraq.

So, let's reinstate the draft and bring the war to an end. Or at least help boost the population of Canada!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, because if the draft was reinstated everybody would get up off their lazy asses and protest it. ARRRRGGGH! The war makes me so mad! I was fit to be tied the day we went into Iraq. Stupid dip shits. It had nothing to do with 9/11. Why did we go there? It was blood for oil. ARRRGGGH! (Sorry, touched a bit of a nerve there.)