Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I don't usually watch SNL. Granted, I am rarely up that late, but if I am, it's not for some lame-ass comedy. I always flash on when Krusty the Klown was on it and the first skit was "The Big Ear Family" and it wasn't going over - then Krusty mutters "oh g-d, this goes on for 14 more minutes!" THAT is SNL.

So imagine my surprise when they did have a funny skit on last week. Mind you - it wasn't live, but pre-taped, so they had many times to get it right. ...and it happens to be the best thing Justin Timberlake has ever sung.

Oh - and NSFW.


Anonymous said...

YES! I was lucky enough to catch that and I am so glad that you have it here so that I can see it without the bleeps. I loved Andy Samberg in it. Too hot for words! It surely was the only funny thing in a really off season of SNL. I was hoping for more funny from Timberlake, but it was not to be.

rebecca said...

Even my mother laughed!