Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Do your work.

I'm rollerblading down a produce section of a really upscale grocery store. I mean, I was in full pushing-off and gliding mode on their pristine hardwood floors. All of the sudden, Martha Stewart appears from around the top of the aisle. For some reason I know she works there, but then she starts tossing crackerjack onto the floor. (No doubt she has grown, harvested and popped the corn herself - then maked the simple syrup to carmelize before gently folding in the popped corn!). She smiles the entire time, but I deftly avoid those hazards that could make me take a tumble.

All of the sudden, I'm in front of the office of Alanis Morissette (in the grocery store still) and she magically adorns herself with a gold lame bustier while singing "That I Would Be Good".

Then I stand to the side while she talks to this man who has Retinitis Pigmentosa. I don't know how I know this - I just do. But I catch him in "lies" as he says he 'saw' Rod Stewart last night in concert and mentions 'seeing' the blimp! I couldn't get Alanis' attention to let her know I was on to his game!

After that, I either woke up or changed dreams. I certainly don't remember anything else. Like THAT wasn't enough?

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