Monday, December 11, 2006


Two separate, but somewhat (kinda, sorta) related sites this month. In my estimation, at least the first site if fatally flawed.

How Many of Me.

The site supposedly has data from the U.S. Census bureau. It claims there are 37 of me in the United States.
LogoThere are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?


Anywho has 41 people who have my name - and those are the only ones who have listed phone numbers (yes, I looked it up state-by state!). My partner has a very uncommon name - and the site says there are none of him. I'm looking at him right now - I can vouch there's at least ONE of him. (Rebecca, Jon and David - there are none of you either. Dith has a few dozen. Morty has an ARMY....but he has an 'interesting name'.)

Of course, when you click on 'Accuracy' you get a number of disclaimers, including this one:

Not every name is on the list. A certain number of instances of a name were required to even make the list. About 10% of all responses were not included on the list because they appeared too few times. So, uncommon names are not represented on the list.

Uncommon names? Would that be first and last, or first or last? If the the latter, then wouldn't that possibly bump up the inaccuracy rate to 20% if both names are 'uncommon'? The U.S. Census bureau - not counting correctly? I thought only weathermen could be that off in their jobs. Or CFO's who overstate their company earnings. Even 10% seems high for this kind of thing.

The other site is a little more interesting - though I'm not sure any more accurate. Baby Name Wizard chart the popularity names. DUH! Blobby comes up with zilch, so I actually had to put in my given name! It confirms what I've always believed - I'm less and less popular as the years go by! {sob!}

But play around with it. Even if you just put in a first letter and see how the names appear and graph. I find it fun.

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Blobby said...

oh honey - there is only ONE of you!!!