Thursday, December 14, 2006


You know, as TV goes, some things sound better on paper than ever come to fruition. Wait - did I just say that?

Take Two:

You know, as TV goes, 99.999999% of things sound better on paper than ever come to fruition. Yes - that sounds better. 30 Rock is no different.

Tina Fey might have been the first female head writer on SNL, but is that supposed to be a feather in one's cap or just an embarrassment to follow you around the rest of your life? Not so much the female thing, but the SNL thing. Overall, the show did stop being funny in 1979 - right? Oh - and Tina Fey as the Weekend Update anchor was just not funny. At all. Ever.

Yes, they had some shining moments and characters, all of which they'd eventually run into the ground!!!

One of SNL's highlights has always been when Alec Baldwin hosts. When he did, I would always think that he missed the boat by not doing comedy. Even in the sketches that would bomb, he'd really put himself out there no matter the cost. He was also the funniest thing on Will & Grace when he appeared. ...and even when he didn't. So it seemed logical that he do a least in theory.

Baldwin is by far the best thing on the show. The problem is, he's not on enough. Or more to the point: the SNL folks (Fey and Tracy Morgan) are on too much - and are just not funny. At all. Ever. I think only Alec could deliver what amounts to a throw-away line to his secretary: "It's only five inches....but it's very thick", get away with it and make it funny.

I'm not advocating anyone running to DVR this - but because of the show, you can have Alec Baldwin send a personalized email or phone message to your friends. Sure it's an ad for the program, but he can almost pull it off....and he deserves better.

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Anonymous said...

I agree that Alec is great on 30Rock. I loved it when he set Tina up with a lesbian based on what she was wearing. Too funny! A sexy hunk with all that talent is just too good to be true in my book. I loved him in The Hunt for Red October. Sigh.