Monday, December 04, 2006


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If this place isn't screaming for an AA Meeting Centre right next door, I don't know what is. Or at the very least, a permanent taxi stand!

Yes, back in the day, it could be easily claimed that I said those exact three words 4-5 times per week. Hell, and on those days, I probably repeated the line 3-4 times per night. But I don't drink anymore. (I don't drink any less!!)

Ok, I do drink less. MUCH less. But I never drank enough to think that calling a bar by 'Just 1 More' would ever be a good idea - and this is coming from a guy who, coming from an Indians game in 1997, tried to bleach his hair (in a bar) right after Charlie Nagy did his. Who knew that pouring a few bottles of hydrogen peroxide wouldn't do that? (nowhere on-line could I find a picture of a blonde Nagy.)


Anonymous said...

I never liked Nagy. Would have loved to see your frosted tips, though.

Blobby said...

bite your tongue woman. He wasn't the best in 1997, but did help us get to the World Series!