Friday, October 13, 2006

Go Barry Go??

Sure he's a republican.......oh, and dead, but is he any less a potential candidate than those out there?

Actually, if you have HBO and have the opportunity, check out his granddaughter's documentary Mr. Conservative: Goldwater on Goldwater , I highly suggest viewing the program.

Though for his time he seemed like a majorly right-winged GOP'er that would eventually spawn the likes of Reagan, Bush and Bush, Goldwater accurately declared that in his lifetime he would be seen as liberal. When compared to what was coming down the pike in the republican party, he was right on th emoney.

He held the beliefs that religion, sex, aborition should play no part of politics. Ever. He voiced concerns of the religious right and their influence on politics. Now the GOP is ruled by what the religious right says, or even thinks.

Goldwater might be the perfect Democratic party candiate for 2008! ....except for that dead thing.

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PJS said...

Goldwater's GOP is the party I registered with -- though you're right, there are few remants of it left in today's elected Republicans at the national level.

Goldwater would doubtless be disgusted by the big government tack the GOP has taken since he shed his mortal coil, but hell would freeze over twice before he'd run as a Democrat.

Frankly, I wish someone like a Goldwater would breathe some life into the Libertarian party, then politics would really get interesting!