Saturday, October 07, 2006


I just thought I'd mention - as we get ready for this party tonite, yesterday I decided to wash some windows. A few months ago we got a quote from some firemen who moonlight clieaning windows: almost $1000 !!! Quite a difference from the $100 they charged my parents for their windows - inside and out! But since our house is 60 years older than my parent's house, with ours you can take the grids out to make it easy to clean. No, that would be too simple. Here you must do each pane individually.

Completing the dining room, front entrance, side entrance, living room and only part of the sun room, I have done 343 panes of glass. I didn't get another 60 panes done. And this was only downstairs!

It's safe to say my hands are quite raw. And that the quote of the window cleaning firemen is TOTALLY worth it!

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David G said...

Golly, thanks for the offer, hot-sweaty-dirty firemen, but I don't think it's worth $1000 to let handsome-horny-buff strangers peek in my windows with their shirts off - I'll just take care of myself.

You deserve raw hands!