Saturday, October 28, 2006


...and thank g-d.

Though I don't think it will help their album sales (only 2 million copies of Taking the Long Way sold - compared to 10 million each of their first two disks and 6 million of Home), I'm glad the Dixie Chicks haven't shyed away from "the incident".

In this day and age when political ads can and do say anything about anyone - true or not, it surprises me that NBC refuses to air an ad for the documentary Shut Up and Sing. Hell, the movie doesn't even open outside of Los Angeles and New York until after the frickin' election.

Since August, I've seen horrible (and untruthful) political ads run on many NBC affiliates, which clearly they have no issue taking the money for. “NBC’s commercial clearance department said in writing that it ‘cannot accept these spots as they are disparaging to President Bush.’”

Well I find Bush disparaging to this nation. How can I get him to stop speaking on television??

You can view the ad here.

Trailers to the movies can be seen here.

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