Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Cut & Run?

I am so frickin' tired of the campaign ads for Ohio governor and senate races. I'm a guy who changes or mutes them anyway, but it is constant. It is the price one pays for living in a swing state. And it is something I'll endure (as if I have a choice) to swing back to blue.

The governor race, I hesitate to say, is a done deal. After eight ineffective years, the republicans will seemingly be voted out of control. Fingers crossed!

The one that kind of surprises me is the senate race. At the beginning of the year, polling had current republican senator, Mike DeWine with a double digit lead over Sherrod Brown . It is all but a dead heat at this point - depending on which polling data you read. Most has Brown up by 4-5 points, but with a similar margin of error.

IF the New York Times is right, GOP officials have determined that DeWine can no longer win Ohio and they will divert their funding elsewhere during the last three weeks of the election. It would be too sweet if that happened. The GOP denies it - but when are they ever going to admit something like that?

As Edna Turnblad said: "These times, they are a-changin'. Something's blowin' in the wind. Now fetch me my diet pills, would ya!"

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