Friday, October 27, 2006


Since my experience with the electornic voting machines during the primary was soooo peachy (see May 2nd post), I have opted to cast my vote(s) for the general election via absentee ballot. Do I really think it will be tabulated with any more accuracy than faulty Diebold machines? Not entirely. Heck, Cuyahoga County isn't even sure they will be able scan all submitted absentee ballots ON election day - even if they start at midnight! But condsidering the inconsistency in the machines and the lack of security in those machines, I figured absentee was the lesser of two evils.

I know the image that goes along with this post is support for the Democratic party...and I do. I am proud and unashamed to be a member of said party. Fudge - after the debacle over the last six years of the Bush administration, the last umpteen hundred years of a republican controlled congress and the last eight years of Bob Taft's dofusness, there had better be a change!!

But I'm not a fool either. I don't just (or always) vote a straight party ticket. If I were that uninformed and ignorant, well......I'd......I'!

So yesterday I got out my black pen and filled in the ovals like I was taking the SATs all over again. I completed my ballot and the U.S. Postal Service picked it up today. Let's hope everyone else does their part!

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