Monday, October 09, 2006


No, not the show - though I'm sure I could write something on that. Everyone else has! Blah blah blah - purgatory. Blah blah blah - dream. Blah blah blah - no resolution.

Now that I write that, maybe my life isn't too different than the folks from Oceanic flight 815.....except for the expertly groomed facial hair that never seems to grow past a certain length after months and months on the island.

Last week I must have set my alarm on the clock. When I was working, I would set it but rarely would it go off, as I normally woke up prior to it detonating. Then last week I didn't need to set it since I didn't have that pesky thing that most people call 'a job'. But one morning at 5:20 a.m., NPR came on. My immediate reaction was - 'wow - I dreamt they eliminated my job and I was out of work'. It lasted all of 15-30 seconds before I realized it was not a dream. I meandered downstairs to get a bowl of Honeycomb.

Since last week was my first week of a possibly extended break it wasn't bad. The 50th anniversary gave me focus. Days were spent shopping for the event or preparing the house. There is a certain relief that is all over. But my biggest loss is that it is all over. I woke up this morning with a nagging 'now what?' hanging over my head. It's still there. I guess, at least today, I feel a little........(say it with me)......LOST.

I guess I could actually start a full-blown job search. I really should do it too. Though I still have two possible job opportunities at my prior organization, it IS the time to explore other places - right? Part of me wants to take the easy route and just wait for one of of these two (or both) positions to be offered to me. Are they the right ones? Am I making a mistake even thinking of staying there? Then there is the possibility that neither job will be offered to me and I'll be screwed. I guess this is my own personal purgatory w/no resolution. (also no sandy beaches, blue water, or doing shots then driving w/Anna-Lucia!)


..that's right: What Would Jack Do?

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