Friday, March 10, 2023

Stop Draggin' My Heart Around

Lord.  I can't believe I even have to write about this in 2023. But it's more like 1953......but more conservative. 

If you've read me over the years, you know 'drag' is not my thing. Doing it (full disclosure: did it once at halloween), going to it, or watching it on tv. 

I have absolutely nothing against it or those who do it. It's just not my thing. 

Guess what?  It goes on all the time and hasn't affected me slightly even once. And it hasn't affected you once. Or anyone else. 

I'd tell the folks in Tennessee to 'suck my dick', and I did have to think about it for a second - but I'm good, as I don't recall anyone in that state doing that to me. 


You've seen the memes - Shakespeare, Geraldine, Bob Hope, Tony Curtis, Patrick Swayze, Julie Andrews, Jack Lemmon, Jackie Gleason - all wearing women's clothing.  HILARIOUS.  And those folks in Tennessee paid to see all of it. 

You've seen the memes - men in powdered wigs, priests, popes, all wearing dresses, fancy shoes and headdresses bigger than anything Carmen Miranda could dream up. 

Mind you, Gleason, who was roasted by Family Guy, who threatened, on a weekly basis, to send his wife "to the moon".   Lois responds - and correctly - "Okay, you're threatening to punch me so hard, I'm gonna fly to the moon? Like ... like it's funny to hit me so violently, my body will fly out of the atmosphere."

Domestic abuse is hilarious, and probably prevalent in the volunteer state. So is drag. 

Have you ever been on the General Jackson - the paddle wheel boat that goes through whatever river runs through Nashville?  The entertainment for the corporate events that are on stuck on that boat?  Cher. Dolly. Reba. Barbara (Streisand, not Mandell).   ......and all dudes. 

You just know these fucking Tennessee housewives watch and love Rupaul's Drag Race. 

Having drag queens read to kids is like abortion.  If you don't want to go or to have one - don't. Don't go. Easy Peasy. The people who are taking their kids are not the ones banning this shit. You're stopping something in which they're not even participating. 

Of course, it's Tennessee. Maybe they're envious that Brad dons a red wig, a bra full of bird seed, a lot of duct tape and fake ass Louboutins can read.  .....and they're lucky if they can still wash their back with a rag on a stick. 

It's fucked up - and predictable. The not so slow erosion of LBGTQ rights. 

Put on a white sheet (i.e. dress) and a hood, and you can still legally gather in Tennessee. Just make sure it's not 300 thread count Egyptian cotton................they might think you're gay. 

I'm not sure how this doesn't violate the First Amendment of speech and expression. They can say the Founding Fathers didn't mean drag queens..........and they didn't because they didn't envision them. Just as they didn't envision AR-15s. 

I guess we will get to see what SCOTUS says. You know the one where one-third are BLOTUS picks.  FML. 

I fucking hate this place. 

Song by: Stevie Nicks & Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers


James Dwight Williamson said...

Can’t keep a good Queen down unless that’s her choice

BosGuy said...

This is a culture war issue that alludes me. I can't fathom why this was what legislators in TN thought would be a good use of their time.

However, if this is where the conservative movement wants to draw a line in the sand, so be it. I don't see how this will bring more people into their party or rally their base, but I've been wrong in the past. I incorrectly predicted the US would never elect someone as vitriolic as Trump and we all know how that played out.

Anonymous said...

I always used to say, worse things happen at sea. Maybe I should have been saying worse things happen in Tennessee?

Old Lurker said...

I presume you have seen this?

Blobby said...

I don't see anything on Twitter. Musk is a fucking loon. I deactivated my account.

Old Lurker said...

That link is still worth a visit, but here is a related one:

Ur-spo said...