Saturday, March 18, 2023

Jump Jump

I'll say it was an interesting week at work. Not necessarily in a good way. I have far too many quirky people reporting to me - but not good quirky.  Still, each night, I got to stop by daycare and retrieve Shep, so he was all about kisses and making me distracted. 

We are at Horseshoe "Lake". 
Big to-dos for the 'hood. The lake is man made (was?). The dam in failing. So the water is drained Too expensive to fix, but people have been protesting it going back to the natural setting you see behind Mr. Shep. 

Daycare's IG feed. 
I hope he's having fun. 

Annie & Rosie.  
Not related genetically or by adopted family, but they hang together at daycare. I have a feeling you do not want to fuck with these ladies. 

When Shep Met Linus. 
Just when you think you know all the 'hood dogs, along comes another one. They got along famously. Sometimes you're just not sure with Shep. 

I am very familiar with Shep's greeting when I come to get him. 
I am loving he got someone else in on the action. 

Song by: Debbie Harry


Raybeard said...

More than most other animals, dogs are just born entertainers. It's inbuilt!

Travel said...

It was a weird week at the office.

Bob said...

Love the dog heads popping up over the gate.

Old Lurker said...

Who wouldn't be having fun standing outside in the snow?

James Dwight Williamson said...

Let it snow