Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Site of the Month

Remember when I said if I had nothing I'd just post hot guys or videos? This is kind of that. But then I figured I could pair it with a Site of the Month to not reek of desperation. 

Instagram isn't the Site.........but Brendon Wharton's page is. 

For whatever reason, he popped up in my feed and he makes me smile, so, after the umpteenth time of his videos showing up, I just decided to follow him. 

Yes, he's got an incredible body - though a little too over done for my tastes.  Yes, he's got a handsome face. But honestly, it's his moves in the gym. 

He's got 'em. The moves, that is. Nothing overt, yet sometimes overt. I get they are 5-7 seconds long and edited together to make it seem more cohesive. I also love that seemingly no one else in the gym is paying attention to him or his moves. the dude, who I'm assuming is holding the camera. 

Brendon is fun to watch.  


Travel said...

Made me smile, first thing in the morning.

Morty said...

Who works out in Chucks? He's going to have arch problems by the time he's 35. And then he'll need me to take care of him.

James Dwight Williamson said...

He got the moves and the body too