Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Weight of Love

Well......I made it. 

One year, back at the gym. 

What I didn't make was my weight goal. I mean, at least not yet. 

Yes, I've made strides.....here and there, but I'm not consistent in certain ways. 

Going to the gym?  Consistent. In 2023, I have not set foot in there nine times in 90-ish days. But, on six of those days, I was out with my running "friends".  

I rarely miss more than 2-3 times per month before that. Even on vacation, I find a way to work out. 

But this run thing has fucked things up too, in more than one way. 

Injuries for sure. That has thwarted my workout for sure. I spend the majority of my gym time lately doing nothing but stretching and cardio. My lifting portion has gone to the birds. I'm so focused on running - or getting back to it - that I only lift maybe once per week. 

I gotta change that. 

The other thwart has been running itself. I've been so hyper-focused on it, I don't leave room for core work, which I desperately need. As soon as I can conquer my injuries, I'll readjust. But it might be time for a trainer. 

I don't need this 2x / week thing that everyone seems to do. I need someone to map out for me a number of exercise routines that rotate to get me where I wanna go. Is that so much to ask? 

Perhaps it is. 

So my weight bounces back between 192-194 lately. So I'm down 14-16 lbs, depending on the day, or my sugar intake.  Without lifting, I'm not building muscle, which weighs more, but with not running at my previous level, I'm not burning as much either. 

I am really hopeing to change that. While getting to 185 might seem unobtainable, I'd be ok just breaking 190. Or at least I tell myself that. 

This was me at the 6 month mark. 

This is me yesterday. 

Don't worry, I stripped down - leg band and all - before hopping on the scale. It seemingly didn't matter that much. 

So, I'm keeping up - and keeping the membership. I'm invested in this, so, I'll keep plugging away to see what happens. 

Song by: the Black Keys


Old Lurker said...

Posting thirst traps now, are we?

(Congrats on a year. That's really impressive regardless of the weight change.)

Travel said...

Use it or lose it, stay active to stay active.

GregM said...

Congratulations! Looking great. And you're an inspiration.

James Dwight Williamson said...

I think you should go till you can’t go anymore, whatever makes you happy

Old Lurker said...

It is fortunate Dr Spo does not read blogs on Tuesdays, or he would be mad-jealous (and maybe offer to pay money for this).

NW MAN said...

Hey buddy. I'm 71, fit, in a position like you as far as working out . Just found your site.

My thoughts?

Just keep doing what doesn't injure you.

If running causes injury that stops other workouts, start walking instead. I know, it's slow. But you see more, meet people, and it is low impact. I walk 3 - 6 miles per day - minimum. Easy peasy and o injuries.

Make sure your goals are right. You don't want to set goals you could meet 20 years ago because our bodies change. This is one time when slow and steady really gets you to your goals.

Glad you are working at your health, too many people don't.