Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Spring is Here


Ahhhhhh Spring.  It's today. 

A time of rebirth and coming out of a cold, heartless season. 

And, if BLOTUS is correct, the day he's arrested / indicted. A different kind of rebirth. A different kind of cold and heartless times. 

For Fuck Sake - it's a probable indictment on hush money to Stormy Daniels. I mean, this is a man who has defrauded much bigger things - including his country - for the sake of attention. 

Unlike his probable lie regarding the January 6th insurrection where he claims he did not provoke or incite having rioters / felons / MAGA folks to overthrow the government, this time, he is asking / telling people to 'protect and take back our nation'. 

Fuck.  I hate repeats. 

But the word on the street is that his minions will surround Mar-A-Largo to stop any arrest or transport of the Whale (not the movie!).  Or as it's probably known as vigilantism. Maybe when they go to harm the law, they'll fatally injure the accused......except that would make him a martyr and I can't allow that. 

While Stormy Daniels / $130,000 hush money is piddly stuff - where he won't spend one minute of jail time, even for arraignment - I SO need this to happen. 

I need (not want) the arrest to happen in the middle of the fucking night. Hair not done. Make up not on. Girdle not on. Depends probably still on. 

I need that to the news cycle. I need it to be the image with which the country is left: the man behind the curtain. The charlatan. The version Melanoma had to see (read: fuck!) just to get her green card and alimony. 

Of course, tit for tat. Now favours are pouring in. That twat, McCarthy, is threatening the NY prosecutor with looking into seeing in any federal funds were used for x, y or z.  That is a dangerous game. Doubtful you want the DOJ snooping through your shit, Kev. 

Maybe this is a big Jenga analogy, and once this piece gets pulled, things will start to tumble. 

A boy can dream. 

Happy Spring 2023, all. 

*sorry - my rule of thumb (usually) is no pictures of that dirtbag. But this is an unedited AP image that i thought necessary to show. 

Song by: Carly Simon


Raybeard said...

At his age and at the present rate, 45 is going to be dead before anything of consequence can happen to him. And what's even worse, at my same age I am going to be dead as well, which will REALLY piss me off!

Travel said...

Just this once, I hope he is right. It would be the first time in his life he was right about anything.

Old Lurker said...

The hush money was piddly stuff? No, I think the piddly stuff was a different situation, one that Uncle Vlad has on videotape.

Ur-spo said...

Dear me! Seeing that photo was disturbing.