Saturday, March 04, 2023

Hey There Delilah

Thank g-d for doggies. And kitties. But we're still a dog-only least for now. They make the bad days and weeks tolerable. 

That's all the intro there is.  On with the show, as they might say. 

City Dog. 
Last weekend it was about urban hiking. 

Shep displaced me. So I displaced 710. 
It seemed only fair. 

On my Sunday Zoom drinking call, one Mr. Shep go up onto a chair in which is he not allowed, dislodged the pillow, to make more room, and then curled up and went out like a light. I didn't move him. 

I've know her (the St. Bernard) since she was a cute little puppy. Now she's a cute grown girl. Nice as can be and ever so soft. 

He made the IG / FB feed.  ...and with a great picture. 
I replied with: "all his sides are good sides".  It's not a lie. 

....but the winner is my cousin, David. Naturally. 

First off, he got "attacked" by litter brothers Henry (a fave of mine!) and Benson. 
David tried to engage Shep, but was deemed unimpressed by David's knowledge of him. But you can see David's dog, Sigge, surge to the fence to get taken home.  ADORABLE. 

Song by: Plain White T's


Old Lurker said...

"Allowed"? Shep don't care about what you "allow".

Raybeard said...

What a life! Sleep - eat - sleep - walkies - sleep - socialise - sleep......and so it goes on - and he's always the one to be waited on.

Travel said...

We needed that, Thanks,

Happyman said...

Shep is a handsome Saturday tradition. Thanks for sharing him.

Bob said...

We have often let our pets stay in a chair they were not allowed to sit in ... for a while any way.

Anonymous said...

Amazing how they know exactly which chair is out of bounds and then go firectly to it. Perhaps they recognize that it is inadequately scented and seek to bring it up to (respectable canine) standards. I have been babysitting The Marvelous Miss Macie and when we get back from a walk, she immediately runs and jumps up on the chair that she is not supposed to be on.

Will Jay