Saturday, October 21, 2017

Marco Polo

Sophie would not cooperate this week, so we are Shep-centric. He kind of makes it hard not to be. Yet it is a world we are happy in, so why fight it.

Shep running free at the Chagrin Polo Fields.   

Yes, where I grew up we had (have) polo fields. The only times I went down there was on a full-moon at midnight because allegedly there were devil worshippers there.  No one never ever ever ever saw any. 

The weekly trip to Lake Erie.  The man seems to like it. So do we. 

At Nana's aka 'the Treat Lady'. 

Boomer keeps his cautious distance from Shep....he's never sure what to think of him. 

Every few weeks, Shep gets his Pupachino. 

For some reason, he is all about the whipped cream. 

Song by: Loreena McKennitt


Fearsome Beard said...

Aren’t we all, all about the whipped cream?

Deedles said...

In that first picture, Shep is doing a masterful impression of a German Shepard, or a 747 taking off.

I could wax poetic on the many wonders of whipped cream, but I won't. Scared ya, didn't I?

anne marie in philly said...

I love the first pix; those ears, that tail!

Raybeard said...

Very nice indeed, but I still miss seeing the lovely Sophie, moody or no.

Bob said...

Soph needs to remember she has fans out here, too.
That said, Shep running free is a delight.

Ur-spo said...

Pupachino! that one made me laugh.