Wednesday, November 07, 2012

The President

The post is late this morning because as much as I would have liked to stay up for the election results, Blobby needs his "beauty" sleep.

Maybe it's "sleep" that should be in quotes as that seems less obtainable than beauty.

The chances of me being asleep all night are slim to none.

So I have to get some of my election results in the a.m.   As it turns out, I stayed up for the Presidential piece. All states are not in, all electoral counts are not in, but enough of them that gave Obama a second term.  ....but I'll get to that after a few other things.

  • It was early when AP called the race for Sherrod Brown.  I was excited for this. I didn't think Josh Mandel would win - and really hoped he wouldn't. Personally, I hope he has millions of dollars of debt to pay off over the rest of his life. Mandel is such a sleaze. 
  • "Joe the Plumber" - neither his name or occupation - lost big time. Stupid fucking tea-bagger.
  • Romney did not win Ohio, not by a lot, but a loss is still a loss.  I'm good with that.

Gay Stuff

Marriage Equality (or at least a ban on opposite sex marriage only) has victory in  Maryland, Maine, Washington and Minnesota (that last one a surprise!). Some of them were wayyyyyy closer than I would have liked

...and of course the Presidency

My hopeful prediction, of an Obama win, was not wrong.  It's not that I didn't think Obama would win, and I won't want to be a conspiracy guy, but I don't completely trust the system......or the inane-ness of the voting public. My percentage was off on popular vote. But Nate Silver nailed it on the electoral.

I was pleased to see that Obama won Pennsylvania, but some of the sweet victories:  Wisconsin, Paul Ryan's home state and Scott Walker as Governor couldn't help Romney carry a win. Colorado and Virginia too.

Mitt lost all three of his "home" states - Michigan, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Sad. For him. Not so much for me.

Of course the spin starts on who won and lost and why. But the measure of the winners are if they'll work together, which is unlikely.  Seriously folks, call it a day and get on with your jobs - which isn't obstruction.

If nothing else we have about 18 months to breathe a little.

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GregM said...

I believe Minnesota rejected it's gay marriage amendment.

GregM said...

Oops. I misread the headline this morning. It looks like they REJECTED a gay marriage BAN so it was a win.

Anonymous said...

Please, amen, and lets not forget that we can now smoke, grow and sell pot in Colorado.