Sunday, November 18, 2012


It's yoga day.

Community yoga, that is. Free yoga, that is.

It's the one day a week to hang out with my cousin after struggling through poses - depending on who's leading the class.  I'm never keeping my balance in a half-moon pose. It's not happening.

Just because of our schedules, it's been weeks since we've both been to class at the same time. I think we are on schedule for today.  And if it works out, it should be nice enough to grab tea and sit outside afterwards.

Becky is in town and I'm trying to get her to join us - but I'm guessing it won't happen.  I think David and Becky should meet. It just seems like it should happen.

Last week's class was all about the twist, which I usually like, but it was almost all twisting. I needed a better mix - and I really enjoy the balancing poses best.  Though when we were doing those, the yogini stood right in front of me, making it hard to do Airplane or Dancer's pose without hitting her - and she didn't seem to care.  Either way, I couldn't hold the pose due to that - and that's my story!

But tomorrow also picture day for Santa and Petey.  We'll see if it happens.  710 thinks it should be Petey and Sophie, but I don't see how we'd get Sophie to the pet store for a posed picture. I guess we could photshop her in, but we'll see. That seems cheating.

Yes, I'm in this title image - blue shirt on the left side, against the wall of mats and clothing.

Song by:  Joni Mitchell


Anonymous said...

Is that a LuLu Moon store you're in?

Erik Rubright said...

Your behind is the highest in the room! ;-)

And you could always slip something in Sophie's food to make her a little more, er, agreeable for pictures.

Ur-spo said...

the yoga class looks too crowded for midwestern Yoga, which requires several feet between members, lest they get chest pains.