Monday, November 26, 2012

My Music Monday

"Dropping through sky / Through the glass of the roof / Through the roof of your mouth / Through the mouth of your eye / Through the eye of the needle / It's easier for me to get closer to heaven / Than ever feel whole again"

I'd say that was my most favourite part of the Cure's song "Disintegration", but as I listed to all eight and one-half minutes (yes folks, another long tune), I keep changing my mind about which part of the song really makes it a stand-out.

The group has been around forever it seems - at least 30 years - and for me they have release no better song, no better album than Disintegration. Yeah, I don't care if I ever hear "Lovesong" again, but the disk is stellar, especially the title song.

Don't let the eight plus minutes fool you - it doesn't seem that long and it never bores me.

When I break down my liking of the Cure, I can't quite pinpoint it. Yes, they're down - which I like, but some of their stuff you can dance too (oh Morty, Jon & Co will remember Wednesday's at Wall St.),. It'd be tough to dance to this selection, but never say never.

I think I like this song because of the passion and desperation that Robert Smith conveys - it never seems forced or fake, but pulled from pure emotion.  Or he's a really good actor.

Consider the album came out in 1989 (?) both song and album hold up extremely well.  I hope you sit through all 8:25, but I get it is not for everyone.


Ur-spo said...

I got through the entire recording. I listen to your Music Monday entries as I read other blogs. I appreciate your MM postings; I learn a great deal of music I haven't ever heard. SOme of it I find is a 'keeper'.

Erik Rubright said...

I've always been a fan of The Cure. And I agree that Disintegration is by far their best album, although Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me is right close there with it.

GregM said...

Great choice! Favorite album of all time.