Friday, November 02, 2012

Waterloo Sunset

I won't say it's a throwaway post, but I won't say it's planned or thought out.

I sit here at the San Francisco International Airport  at 21:30 PST / 12:30 EDT acutely aware that if I don't post now, it will be well into Friday before I get to it.

Yes, another work trip, another redeye. Such is my life on the quest for Platinum Status 2012.  (and I swear to g-d, if they overhead page Patricia Singer one.more.time. I am going to scream. She is NOT answering.  It's been 30 minutes. Check the nearest ditch or Hare Krishna center.......she's gone!)

It's been a tough week with Petey, travel, weather and some personal stuff.  Light at the end of the tunnel, as it is Friday. Or will be when I land.

Petey is allegedly better. Not great by any means, but better. He pooped.

Not big news for you, but he had not gone since Sunday. He hasn't eaten since Saturday! He's a sick little boy.

But my work trip was successful, even if it took a while to get out of Dodge.  Damn that hurricane.

I know it sounds whiny to even talk about Ohio's "hardships" when NJ and NY are so shat upon. I feel for them. Still 710 was going on and on and on today about the sun. He hasn't seen it since last Thursday. It's been constant rain since last Friday. It's been in the 80s and sunny in So Cal.  It was nice.

(STOP paging that Patricia Singer. Have you ever considered she might be hearing impaired and not getting the messages??)

Still, I look forward to going home. I'll be there for a week, then back to California. Platinum doesn't seem too out of reach, but no doubt I'll be a flight or so short at the holidays, when I have no desire to jump on a flight just to get that status. Yet, I should get some recognition for all of this air travel, no?

The posted pic is sunset in Irvine, CA. It's pretty, though the reflection of the internal lighting in the airport kind of ruin it. Try to overlook it if you can.

(Ok, I realized that "Patricia Singer" is the 'red zone is for loading and unloading of passengers only' for SFO. That's is the only explanation at this point.)

Song by: the Kinks

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