Thursday, November 08, 2012

I'm Gonna Make It Better

Petey is doing better - thanks for asking.

I know many of you have reached out and asked and thanks for that. It's been stressful. He was such a sick pup.

I think more of it was our first bout with doggie illness. I had dogs growing up, but let's face it, my parents dealt with these issues. 710 had never had dogs, so this was all kind of new to us.

It took almost a week for the Petey to eat. It took 10 days for him to drink any water.  Forget getting him out of bed, hell, forget having him even pick his head up.

But a few days of IV antibiotics and some food and he's on the way to recovery.

He now has energy, he wags his tail (srsly, he couldn't or wouldn't move it for a week) and he has life in his eyes.  ...not that you could tell from that title image.

Sophie is always nearby keeping an eye on him and tending to him.....well, you know, observationally.

Petey now wants to go outside on walks.  It had been eight days since he'd seen a squirrel. He's interested in them, but if they get away, he just walks away. All his energy isn't there. Like he thinks he wants his normal walk but really can't make it that far without tiring out.

Still, you can see him making a full recovery, though he still has three weeks of oral antibiotics. Yes, he was that sick.

He's back to following us around the house, hoping he gets real people food (he's not getting it) and the ever-so-important, rearranging his bed.

As soon as he's all better, he gets to have a play date with Ted, my cousins dog.  I'm excited.

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BosGuy said...

Very glad to read he's doing better. I'm sure you are as well as a result.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I get my power back, Obama wins and Petey is almost all better.

Birdie said...

It's such a helpless feeling when your pet is doing poorly. They can't tell us how to make them feel better. Your poor little pup. I'm glad he's improving!

Ur-spo said...

yikes! i was away for a week - I am glad to know your pooch is better. Nothing is as worrisome.