Friday, November 16, 2012

I Love You

So I've been back in the central valley of California.  Home of Yosemite and the Big Valley. Only one of those played a part in my childhood gaydom.   Yes, that would be Nick Barkley dressed in all black  - most of it leather. Who knew?

It's not that pretty here. It's not completely heinous, but eh.

With a few hours to kill between work and flight, a coworker and I went around Sacramento. It's not a bad little town. It had aspects of Seattle and Portland in it, but yet it was clearly different.

Oddly enough, they had this "old" downtown that looked more like Frontier Town at Cedar Point.  All that was missing were some dancing saloon girls. They may have been there and we just missed them. But that part of town has a serious tattoo and candy problem.  All I can assume is that city officials are hoping their leases run out so they can go higher end - like a store we went into that only had olive oils and balsamic vinegars.  That's it. That's all they sold.

High end stuff, no crap. But I wasn't shipping anything home and TSA finds anything over 3oz of balsamic a national offense.

I'm very very glad to be going home. I'm writing this at the airport as it is yet another red-eye for me. The folks at SFO are going to know me by name unfortunately.  I've only been gone for like 36 hours and I just want to be back. Maybe road warrior is no longer in my plans. But I have no other plans, so I'm here for the time being.

Ok. Need food and then will board my planes. I hope sleep becomes me.

Song by:  Sarah McLachlan


Erik Rubright said...

Define "serious tattoo problem"....

Cubby said...

"looked more like Frontier Town at Cedar Point". That's what Greg and I thought too. What really amazed us was that we left a 62 degree San Francisco and drove a few hours to arrive in a 102 degree Sacramento. We nearly passed out getting out of the car.

x said...

I've never been but enjoyed your description. The thin I hate about red eyes is that it takes me an additional day to recover.

Will J said...

Sounds like you were in Old Sacramento. That part of town got cut off from reality by the construction of Interstate 5. Parts of it are a state park, so it is really just Disneyland with beer. For a better feel for the town (and it is really a town and not a city), I'd recommend wandering down J Street and into the Midtown area (numbered streets from 20 to 30).