Saturday, November 03, 2012

Luck of the Draw

Last night we went to a showing of some American Institute of Architects.

I know, it sounds........different.

Most architects don't really draw anymore and do CAD stuff via computers.  These are olden times drawing guys.  One of them lives in our 'hood, which is actually the reason we went.

The showing was in an old church, which some woman purchased for almost nothing (well, relatively) and uses it to showings, have receptions, etc.

As you can see, it has nice design elements, which made it perfect for an event like this one specifically.

While this picture doesn't really show it, the night was well attended and it was an open bar!  Generally that is no big deal, but I'd barely eaten anything in 24+ hours (damned red eye) and had two glasses of wine.  What a lightweight I've become.

Actually, the venue was better than some of the drawings. I went in expecting more true architectural renderings but saw more paintings of landscapes or cityscapes but nothing that would look like the beginnings of a building.

Still it was something different that we don't normally do.

I'm thinking it's a movie hopefully there's something out there decent. I'm thinking Argo, but we'll see.

Song by: Bonnie Raitt

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