Tuesday, November 06, 2012


As goes Ohio, so goes the nation.

Yes, I know I used the line in a post last week. I'm using it again today.

Today is the day.

....and it couldn't have come sooner.  Actually, that's a lie. I would have loved for it to come sooner.

I truly do not trust the polling data. The Plain Dealer will tell you the race is tied at 47% for both Obama and Mittens.

A CBS poll will say the numbers this week are unchanged from last Obama at 51%, Mittens at 45%.  Clearly I'd like to believe this poll better, but who can know?

When in California last week, I was amazed how many people, knowing I'm from Ohio, would ask my opinion on how I think both Ohio and the nation would go.

I checked into the hotel at like 23:00 and was dead tarred and the clerk went on and on and on about Ohio being "the decider".  He also slipped in, more than once, how much he watches Fox "News".  I just said stuff like "oh yeahhhh.......who knows".  When I really wanted to say, "shut up and give me my room key!"

Or at the client site, someone just asking me not only who I think would win, but why I think they'd win.

Now, I think the majority of folks think CA is a blue state - and overall they are. But an hour south of Los Angeles is not Los Angeles.  Orange County and even further south in San Diego County they are red.

Didn't their parents ever tell these folks not to publicly discuss religion and politics?  Let alone doing it at business?  I tried to divert, but they weren't having it.  So I said what I thought and was met with silence.

Hey!  They asked!

But it's almost over. One way or the other.

No more robocalls. No more me (and only me in the house) getting a Mitt flyer every.other.day.  I mean, have they not done their research on my voting patterns?  Is his campaign just throwing good money after bad?  Did I change my party affiliation in my sleep at some point in the last two months and not know it?

I can't believe that campaigns cannot quantify that this much money, commercials, print ads and in-person appearances truly change anyone's mind. Even with the "undecided" - how many of them turn out to be actual voters and how many of them really had no idea who they were to vote for?  I don't buy it.

I'm not an overly optimistic guy, but I have to be in this instance.  I'm predicting a 6% win for Obama.

If you haven't voted, go out and do so.  I have.........weeks ago.

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anne marie in philly said...

sunday...every half hour they called...BOTH parties.

don't they realize this house ALWAYS votes democrat?

I am going out now to vote.


Anonymous said...

Most of NY is Dem but where I live id BRIGHT RED. Yesterday as I left the deli I saw the NY Post with Mitt on front say'n "I WILL WIN!" I started laughing and started to say aloud - I bet he flip flops. I caught myself just in time. When I told my mom, after she stopped laughing, she warned me to be careful! I could get hurt. BTW - mom and Dad are voting OBAMA!!!!